70 minutes | Sep 19, 2021

EP 133: Healing From Cancer with Survivor Chris Wark

“You have to believe you can get well.”  -- In 2003 at age 26, Chris Wark was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer. After surgery he made a decision to go against his doctor’s advice opting out of chemotherapy choosing to use nutrition and natural therapies to heal. It has been 17 years since his diagnosis. He talks with me about his decision to make radical health changes, his journey, outcomes and what we can all do to help ourselves stay health. -- On the episode today he shares his experience with cancer and what he did to radically change his life to influence his own healing. You can read about his healing journey in detail in his best selling book Chris Beat Cancer.  -- He also has 2 other books Chris Beat Cancer Daily and coming November 2021 is Beat Cancer Kitchen. -- (*Please note this episode is not to influence or convince you to replace your medical advice if you are currently seeking or undergoing cancer treatment. It is simply one man’s story of becoming an active participant in influencing his own healing by radically changing his lifestyle and he shares the outcomes that he experienced by doing that while under care of a physician.) -- We also chat about: -- ✔️ how your health choices impact your outcomes ✔️ the fear and stress created by his loved ones who tried to pressure him into chemotherapy. ✔️ his mindset to make his alternative decision ✔️ the small team of support he built ✔️ when he felt was healed ✔️ the beat cancer mindset ✔️ the role you play in your healing ✔️ overcoming fear -- CONNECT with Chris Wark: Website: http://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/ Facebook:  www.facebook.com/chrisbeatcancer Instagram: www.instagram.com/chrisbeatcancer YouTube: : www.youtube.com/chrisbeatcancer Podcast Chris Beat Cancer Podcast on iTunes and Spotify #healing #beatcancer #chrisbeatcancer #healthyliving #healingfromdisease
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