54 minutes | Jun 6, 2021

EP 120: Living with Heart with Angela Harris

Angela Harris is a business and mindset coach who founded Work of Heart. And that is what we are talking about today.... Following our heart, our gut, our intuition. Angela shares her story of moving from Athletic Trainer in the CFL to where she is today and the signs she has learned to pay attention to along the way. She learned about working with heart in sports, but what does it mean to live with heart? -- Angela Harris is an award-winning entrepreneur, championship coach, motivational speaker, business mentor, and sought after advisor to heart-centered high achievers. She is the creator and founder of Work of Heart, a business and movement created to empower and inspire people to live their best life. Angela started her career as an Athletic Trainer in the Canadian Football League, because of her passion for sports, her dedication to helping people and because so many people told her she couldn’t do it. After a 17-year corporate career in sales and marketing, Angela decided to pursue her own work of heart in becoming a full time entrepreneur, business and mindset coach. As an athlete, rugby and sports coach for the past 30 years, Angela has had the privilege to impact hundreds of athletes in pursuing their goals and dreams. This competitive edge translates into everything she does, and has a significant influence on her clients and the tools they use. Angela’s mission in life is simply to make a difference ... every single day. Angela lives in New Brunswick Canada with her husband and two boys. She makes it a habit to laugh at her own jokes every single day. -- Connect with Angela Harris: -- FACEBOOK – PERSONAL https://www.facebook.com/angela.m.harris.102/ FACEBOOK PAGE – WORK OF HEART https://www.facebook.com/workofheart.me FACEBOOK PAGE – ANGELA HARRIS (COACHING) https://www.facebook.com/angelaharris.me INSTAGRAM – @WORKOFHEART.ME https://www.instagram.com/workofheart.me/ LINKEDIN https://www.linkedin.com/in/angela-harris506/
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