8 minutes | Oct 3rd 2020

Increasing Your Mental Maturity

When you meet people for the first time, do you immediately formulate a picture of this person and judge them before they have even spoken? It's normal but it's not fair. You're not always at your best, are you? Other people have full lives and things going on so be careful of judging others. When you do judge others, you show your mental maturity. Want to increase your mental maturity? Don't judge. Be in the moment and give that person everything you got! Be full of love and don't judge. Love you! Subscribe: - iTunes / Apple Podcast: https://www.Anglero.com/iTunes - Spotify: https://www.Anglero.com/Spotify - Google Podcasts: https://www.Anglero.com/GooglePodcast - Stitcher: https://www.Anglero.com/Stitcher - TuneIn: https://www.Anglero.com/TuneIn - Pandora: https://www.Anglero.com/Pandora - iHeart Radio: https://www.Anglero.com/iHeart - Listen Notes: https://www.Anglero.com/ListenNotes Follow Thomas Anglero: - https://www.Anglero.com/