13 minutes | Aug 16th 2020

How to create massive opportunities for yourself

Are you the most engaged person at your job? Do people just want to sit next to you to check their emails? If not, then this your moment to make that happen. Opportunity comes to you when people realize they want to be you! Picture the perfect person, now be even better then that person. Picture the perfect leader, now be even better then that person. Be YOU and opportunity will rain upon you while your colleagues will continue to sit in a desert of dispair. BE YOU! Subscribe: - iTunes / Apple Podcast: https://www.Anglero.com/iTunes - Spotify: https://www.Anglero.com/Spotify - Google Podcasts: https://www.Anglero.com/GooglePodcast - Stitcher: https://www.Anglero.com/Stitcher - TuneIn: https://www.Anglero.com/TuneIn - Pandora: https://www.Anglero.com/Pandora - iHeart Radio: https://www.Anglero.com/iHeart - Listen Notes: https://www.Anglero.com/ListenNotes