14 minutes | Oct 9, 2021

Episode 134: Time is life and Life is Time

Time is the most powerful superpower you have.  It heals all wounds.  It allows plants to grow,m seasons to change, and the planet to heal, yet you want everything now!  We have lost our relationship and respect to the power of time.In time, all the magic happens in life.  Nothing extraordinary happens instantly. It's time that makes your victory so sweet.  It is time that makes you fall in love.  It is time that heals your heart.  It is time that makes your life so unique, so why do we want everything now?Time is life, and life is time.Subscribe:- Apple Podcast: https://Anglero.com/iTunes- Spotify: https://Anglero.com/Spotify- Google Podcasts: https://Anglero.com/GooglePodcast- Stitcher: https://Anglero.com/Stitcher- TuneIn: https://Anglero.com/TuneIn- Pandora: https://Anglero.com/Pandora- iHeart Radio: https://Anglero.com/iHeart- Listen Notes: https://Anglero.com/ListenNotes- PlayerFM: https://Anglero.com/PlayerFMMailing List:- https://Anglero.com/Subscribe
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