9 minutes | Jan 23rd 2021

Episode 101: Your Confidence is Everything

Being confident can make and break your day. Some days you can feel down on yourself. You can lack energy, that belief that you can do your job. All this is a lack of confidence. Being confident doesn't make you better than anyone else, it just makes you the best version of yourself all the time. You don't need compliments from others when you feel good about yourself. You get there by checking yourself and making sure you feel and think with all the pride and refæection you have for yourself on what you have done to get to where you are now and the excitement of where you are going. Confidence is one of your superpowers to being the happiness you feel that you deserve. Be confident! Subscribe: - iTunes / Apple Podcast: https://Anglero.com/iTunes - Spotify: https://Anglero.com/Spotify - Google Podcasts: https://Anglero.com/GooglePodcast - Stitcher: https://Anglero.com/Stitcher - TuneIn: https://Anglero.com/TuneIn - Pandora: https://Anglero.com/Pandora - iHeart Radio: https://Anglero.com/iHeart - Listen Notes: https://Anglero.com/ListenNotes Follow Thomas Anglero: - https://www.Anglero.com/
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