9 minutes | Nov 16th 2020

Do What You Have to Do

With everyone locked down at home due to Covid, people are watching other people more than ever. We have forgotten that our lives mean our lives. Young people under 30-years are obsessed with SoMe and watching other people becomes famous while they use their time always watching other people. You must "do what you have to do" for you and stop watching other people. Stop always wanting to be with your friends. Be so amazing that you always a new group of friends coming to you. Stop watching other people and "Do what you have to do!" Subscribe: - iTunes / Apple Podcast: https://www.Anglero.com/iTunes - Spotify: https://www.Anglero.com/Spotify - Google Podcasts: https://www.Anglero.com/GooglePodcast - Stitcher: https://www.Anglero.com/Stitcher - TuneIn: https://www.Anglero.com/TuneIn - Pandora: https://www.Anglero.com/Pandora - iHeart Radio: https://www.Anglero.com/iHeart - Listen Notes: https://www.Anglero.com/ListenNotes Follow Thomas Anglero: - https://www.Anglero.com/