83 minutes | Feb 18th 2015

Soul Luminous Radio – Irene Elias & Sacred Fire Music – February 14th, 2015

Hosts: Michelle Rober (@RoberLeap); John Masiulionis (@JohnMasiulionis) In this week's special Valentine's Day edition of Soul Luminous Radio, John and Michelle welcome Irene Elias, motivational speaker, author, life coach and MJ Vermette and Dean Richards of Sacred Fire Music to add a soul-liscious dimension of healing and love to your day. Irene is no stranger to a broken heart or self-judgement. She shares with us both her story and her profound and heartfelt lessons she's learned along the way and offers the Soul-Universe her free downloadable book, The Self-Love Junkie Guide. Sacred Fire explains both the science and the spiritual healing aspects of sound and music and performs a spontaneous Intuitive Healing Song - an amazing gift to open our hearts and feed our souls - during this interview! As a Valentine's Day gratitude - we have 2 messages and action words of the week! Irene inspires the message, "Your Body is the Love and Light Carrier of Your Soul's Message" and the action words "Live Your Authenticity". Sacred Fire inspires the message, "Restore Your Vibrational Harmony" and the action words, "Heal With Sound". Thank you to both of our Valentine's Day Soul Luminous Guests! Follow Irene on Twitter at http://twitter.com/irene_elias Visit Irene's official website at http://self-lovejunkie.com/ Like Irene on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ireneeliasSLJ Follow Sacred Fire Music on Twitter at http://twitter.com/sacredfiremusic Visit Sacred Fire Music's official website at http://www.sacredfiremusic.com/ Like Sacred Fire Music on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/sacredfiremusic Visit Soul Luminous: http://www.soul-luminous.com Visit the official website of John's company "Empowered by John" at http://www.empoweredbyjohn.com/ You can e-mail Michelle at info@soulluminous.com Subscribe to the show on iTunes Follow Soul Luminous on Twitter @SoulLuminous E-mail the show at soulluminousradio@yahoo.com