48 minutes | Oct 22nd 2018

106 - The Power In Breaking Down Your Story, Identifying What You Latch Onto, And How That Narrative Ultimately Influences Who You Are & What You Create: Featuring Bri Seeley

** Soul in the Raw is a podcast for adults, as such the language will reflect that.**


Prepare to expand your mind & cleanse your spirit with this episode! Today we take a deep dive inward to understand the importance of having compassion for where you’ve been in order to take a walk on your soul path with Transformational Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, & Counseling Guru, Bri Seeley.


Bri is a born catalyst & natural truth-teller with a history in counseling, psychology & entrepreneurship. She combines a lifetime of personal experience, psychological concepts, hypnotherapy & Universal Laws with over a decade of coaching & counseling expertise to support people in turning their back on the life of ‘should’ to begin unapologetically living their truth and walking their soul’s path.


In this episode we unveil:

1. The differences between Coaching & Therapy 2. How to connect with your subconscious & conscious mind through prioritization 3. The magic of realizing there are no accidents or coincidences 4. Why you need to stop “shoulding” all over yourself 5. Going inward creates Stillness & Spaciousness


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To connect with Bri further, follow her on Instagram @briseeley or visit her website: www.briseeley.com .


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