67 minutes | May 19, 2021

62. DISCUSSION: Sheri Perbeck on the Angelic Realm

Welcome back and thank you for joining us for another Soul Driven Discussion! The SD DISCUSSIONS are full-on geek-out sessions covering one topic with one specialist. Today, I’m excited to re-introduce you to Sheri Perbeck, psychic, medium, angel practitioner, and healer who uses her abilities to heal in private or group settings, facilitate workshops, and run her own practice, Transitional Healing. 


  • What are angels, and how do they present themselves?
  • What is the differentiation between an angel speaking to you versus an ancestor or spirit?
  • How to connect or resonate with angels
  • Are attunements necessary when connecting with angels?
  • Why we need to separate ourselves from ego
  • Sheri's top 2 favorite angels and why
  • Which angels are excellent for protection
  • ​Angel Speak Candles and different ways to use them ​


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