18 minutes | Mar 17, 2020

6. #WednesdayWisdom: Overcome A Scarcity Mindset

In this week's #WednesdayWisdom, I want to empower you to become equipped to overcome a scarcity mindset. 

The world is coming unhinged in the midst of the Covid-19 virus and scarcity mindsets are running rampant. But this doesn't have to be you - at any point in time. You ALREADY have the power to live your best life, attract the things you want, and avoid the conditioned traps that the world seeks to put us in. 

We know what it's like to live wondering where the next paycheck will come from, questioning if we'll ever meet our soulmate or if we'll ever live the life we dream of. 

It's time to flip the switch. 

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