56 minutes | May 12th 2020

17. INTERVIEW: Bonnie Monteleone on Saving the Planet One Plastic Bottle at a Time

Welcome back - thanks for joining for another Soul Driven interview! These interviews are with people from all walks of life who have discovered their true purpose and are living it out every day.

Today, I’m excited to talk about something that I am passionate about - saving our planet! But as passionate as I can be, today’s guest is so passionate that it’s become her life purpose to do everything she can to save it - specifically, from the destruction of plastic. 

Bonnie Monteleone is the Director of Science, Research and Academic Partnerships for Plastic Ocean Project (also known as POP), as well as the Executive Director, traveled over 10,000 nautical miles to research plastic in the ocean in some of the most remote places on the planet.

She's joining us today to share her story of uncovering her calling to protect the planet, transforming her life from being a mother to becoming a leading expert and scientist in her field, and the exciting things on the way for her organization, Plastic Ocean Project. 

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