21 minutes | May 5, 2020

16. Driven Lesson: An Overlooked Habit Required for Success

Hello, hello. I’m so pleased to have you join me for our first Driven Lesson. As a reminder, the Driven lessons focus on the wisdom I’ve learned or am currently learning with my business or clients.

This week, I’m sharing a lesson focused on a topic that’s often overlooked - the importance of asking for help. And before you shake your head and consider this one conquered - hear me out. Many of us assume we can ask for help, but rarely do it. And while that doesn’t always hurt us, it definitely hinders our success in life.

Today, I’ll share my own difficulty embracing this habit within my businesses (hint: I blame it on growing up in a restaurant, haha), explain why it leads to success, and provide a few tips on easing into it yourself. This episode is geared towards entrepreneurs and business owners, but there’s literally no one who couldn’t glean from this lesson. We could all do better about asking for help!

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Show links: 1) Brene Brown: The Anatomy of Trust  

Be safe and stay well.

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