24 minutes | Oct 13, 2021

Filling the Void with Goodness

You've done a lot of hard work to get here.  To work through traumas, let go of old thinking patterns, release things from your body--you the know the drill.  After this it can feel like everything is going to be okay.  So sometimes you go back on auto pilot.Here's what I would recommend--don't.  Do Not go back on auto pilot, or return to slight disconnection from yourself, or tune out.  There has been a space created in you now by what you released.  Something will come in to fill it.  You want to make sure it's something you want.  Something that is good for you.  That is what I'm talking about today.Contact Me or Consume My Stuff Here:Today the New Podcast Art is here, along with a new podcast ending (all that fun music with a voice over after the episode ends) and a new Instagram Profile Pic!  Check it out!Stay Tuned for New Opportunities happening in November--make space NOW in your calendar for something FREE and AWESOME!!!Sign up for my  Transforming Your Codependency Text messages!  I can be in your texts messages every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I’ll be giving advice, loving reminders and information to help you love yourself and heal that codependency NOW. Sign up by texting the word PEACE to 877-338-0875 or visit this web site:  https://slkt.io/xlBeI've got 3 (three) 1:1 Coaching Spots open, DM me on instagram or email me below to learn more and get a Curiosity Call!  There is no obligation, and it never hurts to learn your options, right?Website:  Soulamplified.orgInstagram:  @SoulAmplifiede-mail:  Vanessa@soulamplified.org
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