38 minutes | Jun 23, 2021

10 Ways Sandtray Therapy can Help You

I truly believe Sandtray Therapy can help you in so many ways!  It moves through our unconscious selves gathering imagery that is significant to our souls and helps our brains and bodies reorganize them in a way that is meaningful and healing.  I get into more detail today about why this is, how can something so abstract help so very much?  Here is just a smidge of these 10 reasons:

  1. Playing with sand is soothing
  2. You don't have to decide much
  3. It can help with insecure attachment types
  4. Communicates with a deeper version of yourself
  5. Takes your brainwaves into alpha and theta waves

To find a sandtray therapist near you, you can visit psychologytoday.com and search there, or to have a therapist specifically trained the way I was, visit http://learnsandtray.com/?page_id=1014 

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