56 minutes | Jan 18, 2018

Israel Palestine Explained in Under an Hour

Is the Israel-Palestine conflict a religious showdown for the ages or just a 20th century bureaucratic logjam? On today’s episode we discuss:   The results of the U.N. vote on whether or not to support Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. (00:00) The history of Jewish Zionism and the World Wars. (6:00) The shape of Israel and Palestine from the 1990s and forward. (13:30) Which side is more to blame for the violence? Who is in charge of the de facto Palestinian government? (18:00) Is state-sponsored violence always evidence of an “evil” government? Do intentions matter more than results? Was George W. Bush a terrorist? (25:00) What’s the harm in moving embassies to Jerusalem? If Israel says that’s their capital why isn’t the U.N. on board? (35:00) How much emphasis should we put on the role of religion in this conflict? (41:00) Did Canada do the right thing by abstaining from choosing to side either with or against Donald Trump and the U.S.? (49:00)
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