71 minutes | Nov 29, 2017

Is Canadian Psychologist Jordan Peterson Literally Hitler?

On today’s episode we cover: The details of the Wilfrid Laurier University controversy. (1:00) Should people be allowed to discuss topics that may offend or should those with whom we disagree be silenced? (16:00) What’s more important: feeling or knowing? Should we protect people’s feelings at the cost of obscuring reality? (28:00) Is it possible for society as we know it to exist free from difficult conversations and thereby emotional strain? (33:00) What were Jordan Peterson’s offensive remarks at the heart of the Wilfrid Laurier controversy? (42:00) What role do other people have in reinforcing one’s identity? What are the limits of freedom of expression? (46:00) What is language and how does it change? What is the purpose of pronouns? How are language and pronouns viewed differently in French? (1:00:00)
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