46 minutes | May 28, 2020

Tyler Zanon (Youth Fountain) on Blooms

In this episode, Tyler from pop-punk group Youth Fountain comes on to talk about depression, medication, good dogs, and touring internationally. Also, for the second time in three episodes we fuck up on recording the intro, and Bryce has to go it alone. Never again, we fucking swear. Not even if there's a fire. Song: Blooms. SIWWIWTD:Follow us on Instagram. Your hosts: Angela Valiant and Bryce Lokken. Creative Director: Ross Vanosch, gravesidemanner.ca. Find him on IG @grvsdmnr. Please rate this show, ideally 5 Stars. I mean, you CAN give it less, but you should just email us that complaint instead. Please leave a comment! Want to recommend a guest or connect with us? hello@wheniwantedtodie.
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