54 minutes | Jul 9, 2020

Laura Hickli on Midnight

In this episode, art pop singer/songwriter Laura Hickli comes on to talk about playing 200 shows in a year, escaping her family, feeling isolated, drinking, and recording straight into her interface without MIDI like she's Fleetwood Goddamn Mac. Song: Midnight. SIWWIWTD: Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Your hosts: Angela Valiant and Bryce Lokken. Creative Director: Ross Vanosch, gravesidemanner.ca. Find him on IG @grvsdmnr. Producer and General Handsome Boi: William Langlais (welcome to the team!) Please rate this show, ideally 5 Stars. I mean, you CAN give it less, but you should just email us that complaint instead. Please leave a comment! Want to recommend a guest or connect with us? hello@wheniwantedtodie. Happy birthday Meredith! 
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