49 minutes | May 1, 2020

Jordan Chase (Shreddy Krueger, Secret & Whisper) on In Ruin

In this episode, Jordan Chase from Stutterfly, Secret & Whisper, and Shreddy Krueger talks with Bryce and Angela about fatherhood, partying, role changes after a band breakup, and suicidal ideations. We get into the best records he's produced at Oodelally Recordings, his studio in Kelowna, and there's a legit scoop about future Secret & Whisper plans. At one point, he tells the audience to go fuck themselves and possibly blasphemes. It feels like a classic Songs I Wrote When I Wanted To Die episode - and it's just the first one. Song: In Ruin, courtest of InVogue Records. SIWWIWTD: Follow us on Instagram. More socials coming. Your hosts: Angela Valiant and Bryce Lokken. Creative Director: Ross Vanosch, gravesidemanner.ca. Find him on IG. Please rate this show, ideally 5 Stars. I mean, you CAN give it less, but you should just email us that complaint instead. Please leave a comment! Want to recommend a guest or connect with us? hello@wheniwantedtodie.com
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