65 minutes | Jan 13, 2021

Episode 51 - Ruth Roper Wylde - British Ghosts and Hauntings

My guest for this episode is paranormal investigator and author Ruth Roper Wylde. Ruth has written extensively on supernatural happenings in Britain, beginning with her book The Ghosts of Marston Vale and continuing with titles such as The Almanac of British Ghosts and The Roadmap of British Ghosts. Her latest offering is the second volume of These Haunted Times, which covers a wide range of first hand accounts of encounters with ghostly entities. In the interview we talk about her life-long interest in the supernatural, her approach to investigating reports of hauntings and some of the theories as to what might be behind this sort of paranormal activity.   Ruth can be found on Twitter (@Ruth Roper Wylde), Facebook and Pinterest and her books are available from all good book retailers. If you would like to support Some Other Sphere you can do so via Ko-Fi. To buy the podcast a coffee, please go to https://ko-fi.com/someotherspherepodcast. Thank you! The Some Other Sphere is from Purple Planet Music - 'Hubbub' by Geoff Harvey/Chris Martyn.  
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