20 minutes | Aug 6, 2020

Security Superfriends Garrett Held, CISO For Carta

Introducing Security Superfriends Videos and Podcasts! | Garrett Held, CISO of Carta Posted by Rich Seiersen on July 23, 2020 I’m excited to share our first episode of Security Superfriends! I’ll be posting videos of chats with my friends who are on the security front lines in many episodes to come. We’ll tackle topics including cloud native innovation, investing in new tech, serverless vs FaaS vs CaaS vs Kubernetes vs….and much more! Our first episode features Garrett Held. Garrett is the CISO for Carta, a fast moving cloud native company leveraging Kubernetes. I specifically met with Garrett to talk about the changes being brought about in security due to cloud native software velocities. He is uniquely qualified to talk about this having worked at the likes of Salesforce.com, Twilio and now Carta. They are all leveraging cloud native technology, and each is increasingly modern in their approach.
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