31 minutes | Nov 21, 2015

Episode 24: Nicola Brown of Nibl

In early 2012, in response to some health issues within her family, and being aware of her own family history of health risks, Nicola started investigating ways of consciously using food to enhance health and well-being. Feeling confused about messages around nutrition, she decided that one consistent principle was that eating more plants made a whole lot of sense. She started investigating ways of using plant ingredients in innovative ways, and realised that the wholefood and raw food movements provide a lot of inspiration and strategies for doing just that. Incorporating more plant-based food (and particularly more raw food) in her family’s diet brought about so many benefits in terms of health, energy and vitality that she wanted to start sharing this information and inspiration – and the idea of starting a blog, and running demonstrations and workshops, came about. Rather than calling herself a foodie, Nicola now likes to think of herself as a Super Foodie. She is passionate about sharing this inspiration for fantastic, healthy, delicious plant-based food, through recipes, demos, workshops and all-round plant-based food love!
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