68 minutes | Jan 31st 2016

Solid Cat: Tentacle Kitty

Solid Cat is all over and back again. We dine at the Proud Bird near LAX. Who is Bobby Rasmussen? Why is D-mo quoting Fred Astaire? When did Val turn into an old man? We finally say Schofferhofer correctly, or do we? "Oh those Germans," leads to "Oh those Japanese." What is Tentacle Kitty? Is free parking disappearing in Las Vegas? Rent a room and run a bookshop all at once. Our new segment Amazon Prime Time is back. Ten, err, Twelve Things with Val about IKEA. In the Space Cowboy Kitchen, we have pancakes at Du-Par's. We compare Batmen. Zoe doesn't think D-mo is sexy. And the end credits turn into an afterparty as we talk about sex robots and coyotes on shrooms. You didn't misread that. So many questions, and the answer is Solid Cat!