70 minutes | Oct 4th 2015

Solid Cat: Sizzle

Hunker down with Solid Cat as the Pumpkin Spice Apocalypse is upon us! Where there is no angst, there is no art. Don't be the stereotype even applies to white girls. Self-censoring on social media. Bob Ross says he's a painter; no, he's a freaking magician! Crazy ass bride billed a no-show guest. Potlatches are very weird social events amongst the Kwakwala-speaking people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. There was a citrus heist with a street value of half a mil. There is a dating app for bacon lovers. A little bit of useless information regarding Australia; what the hell are Banana Benders? The Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue. And a Paws Up for a supreme act of humanity. Seriously Bob Ross, where did that mountain come from?