90 minutes | Sep 13th 2015

Solid Cat: September Musings

This episode of Solid Cat is NOT jam-packed, but still lasts 90 minutes. What's up on the Solid Cat Community Calendar? Viking festivals have a lot of double entendres. Who's learning a new language? England is low on sperm donors. "I'm all about online shopping, but I'm not buying jizz online." Groot helps a kid communicate. Superhenge! Solid Cat Beard Update. How can you go full hipster? D-mo is a nickname guru. Fast Food Chat with D-mo & Val. When possums attack! D-mo talks about his harmonica... again. Is Val a supportive spouse? Paws Up for Man Cans. There is charity at Dollar Tree. And most importantly, don't judge; everyone is pretty cool. Especially we here at Solid Cat!