97 minutes | Jul 26th 2015

Solid Cat: RIP Larry

Solid Cat returns, but with a heavy hear as it's our first show since the passing of the Space Cowboy's dad. "Sorry for your loss" sounds kinda awkward. The Nissan Altima was rented and is highly recommended. Hooray for the big guy who is biking across the country to lose weight. If you're wondering, that's the neighbor's dog at the 20 minute mark. Criss Angel: hero? There are now male life-like sex dolls; "gym dick" is optional. A fresh Ten Things, plus another Six Things. Let's talk about Old Fort Niagara. Chuckwagon racing; where have you been all my life? Want to farm in a National Park, the government has a deal for you. For Paws Up, we salute one of the good guys. Blazing Saddles features heavily at the end of the show, someone will probably be offended, and D-mo makes Voldemort a verb (and it totally works). Up and down and everywhere in between, Solid Cat is back, baby!