80 minutes | Aug 9th 2015

Solid Cat: Potato Chips

Solid Cat is highly opinionated today. Monologues and dialogues are two different things. A funny biathlon joke turns into a weird Olympics diatribe (really, Los Angeles should always just host it). No refunds on Ugandan brides. A town emerges from the watery depths of Lake Mead. Don't pray for rain; pray for snow. Skinny jeans hospitalize a woman, which derails the show into a denim rant. Clothes shopping for larger consumers is usually heartbreaking. Val devises a new women's jeans sizing system (copyright Solid Cat. Patent Pending). Lay's Taste of America chips are ranked in the Space Cowboy Kitchen. If you want to jump on the Solid Cat bandwagon, listeners have suggested starting with the Power of Pancakes episode (#82). Did Val just insult D-mo? A stinging insult to boot. I mean, are we witnessing some marital strife? Yes, D-mo has his manias, but he may have to go play the blues on his harmonica after this verbose episode of Solid Cat!