79 minutes | Feb 14th 2016

Solid Cat: Post-Coital

Happy Valentine's Day from Solid Cat. You should enjoy Solid Cat after sex; it's good basking in the afterglow. Puppy Monkey Baby is an abomination. Carrot Talk leads to Carrot Top leads to Sheamus leads to soap in a sock. We have a crate full of fun news today: a Spanish "worker"; lost in Iceland; a weed fail; a lost monkey; a found tortoise; explosive kangaroos (or bangaroos); a chocolate deficit; and an emergency defecation situation. We finally saw Star Wars and oh those Skywalker boys. Sexytime returns with what do to after sex, a new product called the Slaphappy, and we end up talking about being smacked in the face with a hot dog for "training purposes" (trust us, it totally makes sense). On Paws Up, we salute a beer fountain. Lastly, Barbie comes in all shapes and all sizes. So towel off, cuddle up, and dial up Solid Cat!