83 minutes | Aug 30th 2015

Solid Cat: Medieval Times

It's hot on this week's Solid Cat. Let's explain how the "Explicit" tag on iTunes works. The horses are the highlight of Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, but it's a overall jolly good time. Rivers are disappearing! Target is trying to serve you booze while you shop. Is "studying cactus" a euphemism for schtupping hookers? D-mo's Beard Update. There is a viking encampment nearby. We take a sudden trip to world of the Highlander; there can only be one... but five movies. The prissiest meal Val has ever had. We play Superfight on Solid Cat Game Night. A 4-year old invades a rugby pitch and it's magical. Then things get ridiculously political. Solid Cat awaits your angry e-mails.