95 minutes | Aug 2nd 2015

Solid Cat: iHeartSolidCat

Solid Cat is now on iHeartRadio! You smell that? Smells like legitimacy. It was Harry Potter's birthday and he's now 35. We have four words for you: Ethel. Merman. Disco. Album. Coyotes are chasing people up trees, maybe. Val once got D-mo an axe for their anniversary. Armadillos are dangerous critters. Behold the 360-degree beer can. We Booze Review some flavored vodka in the Space Cowboy Kitchen. Sexytime with D-mo & Val returns we three new bits. We have a double Paws Up. And we talk about beef on weck and other western New York culinary treats. Was a jam-packed Solid Cat? Of course it was.