87 minutes | Aug 23rd 2015

Solid Cat: Hot Drunks

Solid Cat is loaded with drunks and lies today. D-mo & Val are finishing each other's words and it's gross. Thar she doesn't blow! It's Beard Chat time! Proven fact: people don't like D-mo with just a mustache; it's full beard or nothing. The Space Cowboy Kitchen starts early as we toss back a buttered scotch, a buttered rum, and a hot toddy. In the news, a carpenter-turned-shaman makes D-mo wonder if someone has a Jesus Complex, and why is a man in a bear costume harassing real bears? It's General Apology time! Ten Things with Val teaches you how to spot a liar. "If there is one thing this show does, it promotes literacy." Viva Spock Vegas as we celebrate taking a chance on a whim. D23 Expo just happened and we wonder why other media company don't do their own branded conventions. D-mo explains "social capital" and Val begs for #nohashtag. If you like listening in a random conversation between two smart people, we present Solid Cat!