83 minutes | May 29th 2016

Solid Cat: Feel-Good-A-Palooza

Solid Cat is open for business with so many things to make you feel good, it's like nirvana (not Nirvana). Val starts by tucking into way too much ice cream. There is a Random Bit of Knowledge regarding the club sandwich. "Le Cave" is just a fancy cave, which leads us to gay greeting cards. Medicines really have stupid names, and Val talks about her experience on Lyrica. A first, no News segment in today's show. D-mo loves himself some Lamborghini and Val thinks he ridiculous. Val gets turned on by Arches paper from France, and D-mo has a Moleskine problem (not really a problem, he's just a journal snob). On the Space Cowboy, a pair of reviews: chocolate and booze. Feel good instantly with Ten Things with Val. Feel even better with not one, not two, but THREE Paws Up stories. And then we end with Schrödinger's Cat for no real reason. If you don't feel go after listening to this show, you need to seek professional help. Stay Solid!