74 minutes | Feb 27th 2017

Solid Cat: Dawn of Justice

We're doing something different on this week's Solid Cat. The majority of the show will be taken by two things: La La Land, and Batman v. Superman - Dawn of Justice. We liked one, and we didn't like the other, but it's probably not what you think (spoilers: La La Land is overrated, and Batman v. Superman was actually enjoyable). We do highlight the Oscars snafu and we feel sorry for the guy that's getting fired. D-mo also feels bad for Viggo Mortensen. Captain America - Civil War was better than both movies we talk about, but we don't think either Cap or Iron Man's mom is named Martha. Paws up to Tinder for having a match in Antarctica. Some episodes are classics. This one... maybe not. Be hip, though, and buy a Solid Cat shirt.