77 minutes | Mar 19th 2017

Solid Cat: Creepy AF

We're joined by a new special guest, Monica, on this week's episode of Solid Cat. Are 976 numbers still around? Webcam girls are kinda ridiculous. We briefly talk about the new Beauty and the Beast movie, and we're disappointed with the lack of promised gay sex. "Are you telling me that Emma Thompson, in general, isn't as good as Angela Lansbury?!" Once again, no news segment, but some people are looking like Disney characters. D-mo tells the Ballad of Cletus and Scooter. Val tells the story of the Haunted Woods of Friendship Hill. Then things really get creepy AF with both Val and Monica's experiences with the supernatural. No one ever suspects the guy with the dog in a sweater. Paws up to the world's fastest camera. Then we talk about hamburgers because that's where the show went. "Of all the body parts you can throw at people, I think ears are the weirdest." Not surprisingly, there was lots of laughter on this week's Solid Cat.