39 minutes | Jan 15, 2020

WWII Combat Paratrooper - Darrell G. Harris - Episode 8

WWII Combat Paratrooper - It is my honor to share this story with you about Darrell G. Harris. He was one of the first paratroopers in the American history of the Airborne and also one of the first awardees of the CIB badge (Combat Infantry Badge).   Below is a snippet from the comments provided to me by Fred Castaneda from the Podcast Reporter.  Fred is an 82nd Airborne Vietnam Combat Veteran who along with his comrades was deployed to Vietnam.to fight. Fred is also a veteran podcast report with over 14 years of podcasting.   Fred thank you for sharing your story about Darrell G. Harris.  Darrell G Harris, who was a WWII Airborne paratrooper and combat infantryman demo man with 3 combat jumps (Sicily, Salerno and Holland), as well as a beach landing at Anzio. This episode talks about his experiences in WWII with the 82nd Abn Div. 
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