72 minutes | Nov 11, 2019

Tennessee Soldier- Episode 1

Listen Here Episode 1 - Dennis Winn, my brother, tells his stories about his military career that actually are two different stories over to two very unique times in America.  The first was the end of the Vietnam War and the 2nd Story is the Gulf War. Dennis enlisted voluntarily during the time of the draft lottery. I picked Dennis for my first podcast not only because he is my big brother and I think the wold of him but also because I knew he had so many different stories our family has yet to hear.  I am pretty sure I will interview Dennis again down the road because I know he has other several other stories to tell.  Not because I am his brother and he told me over the years; it's because our first interview did not record and I heard some of them in that interview.  One of the many fails as a new podcaster! 
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