67 minutes | Nov 22, 2019

Episode 2 - Jacob Shields

Episode Notes.  Jake Shields served in the Army for several years as a Military Policeman and deployed to Iraq during his tour of duty in the Army.    Jacob Shields had to overcome a lot to serve his country.  In his first attempt to join the Army he was sent home and discharged due to a serious injury, but like most UPers he has a very strong will power, character to fight back and move forward to not let his dream escape.  He wanted no regrets in his life. As a patriot he had a very strong resolve to serve his country while he was still a young man and to play his role in defending our nation.  Check out the author The author we talked about Art Combs, I checked on Amazon he has two books he published both can be found on Amazon in all flavors, hard back, audible and kindle.  Arthur F Coombs - Leadership Books They are “Don’t Just Manage Lead”, Human Connection how the L do we do that. I am an avid reader of Human Nature and also leadership books, so they are on my short list to read before the end of the year. Local Library:  You should also go check out your local library as they may have all 3 versions.  It is always my first stop when looking for a book to read. 
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