78 minutes | Dec 6, 2019

Airborne Trooper - Episode 3

Patrick Horst Served in the Army in the Mid 1990's.  This was a time of relatively low combat activity.  The troopers and soldiers during this time period had a very critical mission and that was to keep prepared and ready for the next major conflict.  The training difficult, very realistic and most trooper and soldiers were deployed for a large part of any year they served.  Pat is a Senior Manager at Verizon, he holds an MBA from NC State and resides with his family in Raleigh North Carolina.  His stories include his teenage years, growing up with a father who was an alcoholic, joining the Army and his many adventures and stories.  Pat lived in the barracks during a time of transition from crowed open dorms to private rooms. He talks about the BOSS Program. The BOSS program improves the morale and welfare of single Soldiers, increase retention and sustain combat readiness. During closing remarks Pat lays it out (in my opinion) on what the Army and the rest of the military teaches a soldier.   Enjoy this episode.   
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