81 minutes | Feb 20, 2020

1SG David Jeffers - Episode 12

Tonight's episode is from a retired soldier,  1sg David Jeffers, Dave and I served together for 2 years back in the mid 1980’s when we were young and for lack of a better term full of a lot of bull.   In those two years we hung out a lot together and enjoyed life, dave learned he had a passion for teaching and he was an excellent teacher and he still is today, while I enjoyed teaching I could not wait to get back into an operational unit. Which for me there was only one unit I wanted to be in and that was the 82nd Airborne Division  You will hear about 5 stores from David as a 1SG he talked about smoking his soldiers, so along the way I had him give his definition of smoking.  Then I asked Dave when he had been smoked because in the Army it is a right of passage. Dave gives a couple examples and one of them includes me and the other one includes one with his platoon SGT and It was the funniest story I have heard since i started recording this podcast.  You find that story at starting around 55 minutes and 22 seconds, I call it David getting smoked by me and SFC Thomas Mosley. SGT Mosley went on to become a warrant officer and he was an excellent leader. He passed away back in 2016 which I provided the link to in his obituary in the show notes.  Lets get on to the story, Retired 1SG Jeffers and Dave my friend lets here your story.  6m:51s - First tour in Germany 9m:34s - ATC Tower work when hostages from Iran landed in Germany - 1981. 10m:45s - Basic & Advanced Air Traffic Control School  16m:55s  - Why did you get out after your first tour of duty  22m:53s - Return to active duty & the Army as a career 27M:45s - Myths about the Army 35m:07S - Congressional Inquiry 39m:50s - Specialist Black & Weekend Wall Locker Inspection 44m:24s - Leadership Techniques  46m:26s - Definition of Smoking a soldier 53m:11s - Christopher Nocon Story 55m:26s - David getting smoked by me and SFC Thomas Mosley 60m:20s - Story to remember - Barracks Justice   71m:53s - Paint a picture of your time in the Army 1h:20m:45s - closing   You can also listen to my podcast from your favorite source. Apple podcast, stitcher, spotify, overcast or even google podcast. Please hit the subscribe button wherever you listen and it will ensure you will receive my podcast when I air them.   
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