62 minutes | Sep 16, 2020

The Immediate Aftermath of 9/11

Global SOF has launched "SOF Stories: Live!" These are monthly events with current and former SOF operators focused on different topics, and as the name implies, they occur LIVE. But we also record them so if you miss the live event, the stories can continue to be shared and spread on our other platforms.This episode's topic was "The Immediate Aftermath of 9/11," which focused on the chaos after the attacks through several current and former AFSOC operators:- Col. (Ret) Matthew Atkins- Maj. Gen. (Ret) Michael Kingsley- Command CCM Greg Smith- Moderator: CMSgt (Ret) Randy AndersonWatch the Event Video:https://youtu.be/UZeH2hSSmckGlobal SOF Partner Highlight: Comtech Systemshttps://comtechsystems.com/Support the show (https://gsof.org/individual-membership/)
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