45 minutes | Jun 4, 2020

Holy Toledo, We're Surrounded!

This episode of SOFspot focuses on Operation JUST CAUSE in Panama, and more specifically, the first MaBell Panamanian Surrender Operation at Penonome. Our guests were three men who were in Charlie Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), there on the ground in Panama:COL (Retired) David McCracken, who was a Major in 1989 and commanded Charlie CompanyCOL (Retired) Stephen Boston, who was a Captain in 1989 and the Executive Officer of Charlie CompanyCSM (Retired) Rick Lamb, who was a Sergeant First Class in 1989 and performed the duties of a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant in Charlie CompanyWe talk about the logistics of the surrender plus what brought them into the operation at Penonome, why they wore "Mickey Mouse Ears," and how they spent that Christmas in Panama.Just Cause Photo Album:https://www.flickr.com/photos/184952949@N08/albums/72157714476005688/with/49941328773/Partner Spotlight - ByLight:https://bylight.com/Support the show (https://gsof.org/individual-membership/)
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