4 minutes | Jun 6, 2022

S1 Ep 01: Introducing In Conversation With, a Podcast with Host Maarten Masschelein, Co-Founder & CEO of Soda Data

Welcome to Season One of ‘In Conversation With,’ a series of conversations with practitioners, technologists, and change makers who all share a passion in making meaningful connections and rethinking traditional practices, in the world of data and beyond.  Our host is Maarten Masschelein, CEO and co-founder of Soda Data. Maarten and his guests will be talking about data, what makes their world go around, and sharing their thoughts, perspective, and ideas that we think will inspire you to be a part of the conversation and be a part of the change. Because just like good data helps the world go around, so do good conversations.  To kick off this new series and its inaugural episode, here’s a teaser getting to know our host Maarten and a few of his favorite things. 

From Soda, the provider of data reliability tools and observability platform to enable data teams to discover, prioritize, and resolve data issues.

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