31 minutes | Oct 7, 2020

Audience Marketing in a Nutshell: How to Build an Audience First Marketing Strategy that Attracts Your Dream Customer

Dig in with Pam Moore of Marketing Nutz to learn how to develop an audience first marketing strategy for your digital marketing, social media, content marketing and branding execution that inspires, attracts and converts your dream customers to buyers. Learn exactly what an audience marketing strategy is and how it can help marketers get more traffic, leads, sales and return on investment. Targeting the right audience helps increase the ROI on all of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, blogging, YouTube, video marketing efforts and plans. Supporting Resources:  Buyer Persona Worksheet Content Calendar Template  Buyer Persona 5-Day Bootcamp Virtual Training  Sponsor:  User.com - Save 50% for 6 Months on ANY Plan + the First 10 to Register Get a Free Consultation with  Marketing Automation Expert
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