26 minutes | Dec 29, 2020

Floting to the Top with Erin & Kingsley Edwards

Floting to the Top with Erin & Kingsley Edwards In this episode, Kingsley & Erin Edwards share their alternative social media platform, Flote. Kingsley & Erin share the story of creating Flote. We also do a video walk-through of the app, so you will want to check out the video for more information about getting started with Flote. Flote is a social network without big tech censorship and vague community guidelines. On Flote people can express themselves freely, build communities, and earn digital money by providing valuable content. Free Speech & Encrypted Messaging Join the platform that respects your voice. Full Show Notes: sociallypowered.com/021 SUBSCRIBE, RATE, & REVIEW: Podcasts Spotify Google Stitcher FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA @SociallyPowered Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Instagram
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