28 minutes | Dec 22, 2020

Creating FOMO with May KingTsang

Creating FOMO with May King Tsang May King is The World's 🌏 #1 #FOMOCreator* Bridging the gap between Social Media and PR through LIVE and Virtual Conferences & for Virtual Challenges. In this episode, May King discusses how to create FOMO for your business, event, conference or virtual challenge. She shares her tips for Live-Tweeting for in-person or virtual events. You really don't need much more than your computer, phone & a comfy space. May King provides part of her hashtag strategy to get people talking about the event prior & help get a hashtag trending. We finish with her tips for success on Twitter. Full Show Notes: sociallypowered.com/019 SUBSCRIBE, RATE, & REVIEW: Podcasts Spotify Google Stitcher FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA @SociallyPowered Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Instagram
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