39 minutes | Apr 30th 2012

Why We Buy What We Can Get For Free

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Today I’m super excited to introduce the latest edition of Social Triggers Insider. You’ll learn:

  • Why people buy what they can get for free
  • Why you should design your website for the “Homer Simpsons” of the world
  • Why people overvalue their work (better known as the Ikea Effect)
  • And much, much, more

In addition to the short video below, you’ll love the special guest on the audio portion of this master class.

Why Selling From Your Blog Is Okay—and What To Do With Those Who Complain About It

Look at that freeze frame… Whoops. Quick. Press Play!

“I happily sell products and services from my blog.” – Click to Tweet

Introducing Dan Ariely, A NYT Best-Selling Author, And A Leading Behavior Economics Researcher

Look. If you’re an entrepreneur who sells software, consulting, information products, or coaching…

…the secret to thriving in today’s overcrowded marketplace requires you to MASTER the fields of psychology and human behavior.

And that’s why I’m pumped to have Dan Ariely on this episode of Social Triggers Insider.

Download audio file (07-Why-People-Buy-What-They-Can-Get-For-Free-And-More-Insights-About-Human-Behavior-with-Dan-Ariely.mp3)

Dan Ariely is a professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke, and his research has been published in leading economics, psychology, and business journals. In addition to that, he’s the best-selling author of “Predictably Irrational” and “The Upside of Irrationality.”

Ever since I started Social Triggers, people have asked me what books do I read, and what blogs do I read. While I’ll likely never publish my complete reading list (you’ll be scared by it, trust me), I can tell you that I happily read Dan Ariely’s blog, and every book he gets published.

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Here’s a list of his books:

1. Predictably Irrational (This book is one of the reasons why I became obsessed with understanding psychology as it relates to marketing. The study where he talks about decoy pricing is priceless.

2. The Upside of Irrationality (In this podcast, we cover a ton of what he covers in this book, but it’s still a worthwhile read).

3. The Honest Truth About Dishonesty (This is his new, yet to be released book, which I haven’t read yet, but I hope to get my hands on it soon…)

Note: When you buy those books through my link, I earn a commission. It’s paltry, but I’m including the link for one main reason: I’m curious to see how many people listen to my book recommendations.

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Now I Pass It To You…

Have you ever dealt with the “I can get it for free guy?”

How did you handle it?

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