45 minutes | Mar 21st 2012

The #1 Sales Killer On Your Site—And How to Get Rid Of It For Good

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How would you enjoy suddenly having an influx of people, “chomping at the bit,” ready to buy whatever it is you’re selling?

It would be insanely great!

But what holds those people back… preventing you from experiencing the surge that you deserve… is something that I believe 95% of people (and businesses) suffer from.

I call it the “customer coma.”

So, first, I’ll tell you all about it… and then I’ll give you the “smelling salts” you need to eliminate it forever.

How People Accidentally Lull Their Customers Into A Coma (Do you make these 3 mistakes?)

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How To Wake Up Your Customers with Sally Hogshead’s 7 “Fascination Triggers”

Now that you watched that video…

If you want to captivate your readers and customers with wonder, awe, and fascination, you’ll love this discussion with Sally Hogshead.

You’ll learn the 7 Fascination Triggers that are proven to persuade people to take action.

And this isn’t opinion… it’s fact.

Sally conducted a research study with a major marketing organization and stumbled on these triggers after analyzing the data.

So, without further ado, listen to this edition of Social Triggers Insider now. Just press the play button the audio player below.

Download audio file (06-Social-Triggers-How-to-Captivate-Customers-with-These-7-Fascination-Triggers.mp3)

Who is Sally Hogshead? Sally is the Chief Fascination Officer of Fascinate, Inc. She is an international keynote speaker, with proprietary research published by both HarperCollins and Penguin. She’s also the author of the GREAT book “Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation” and the founder of the newly released website How To Fascinate. She also blogs at her blog SallyHogshead.com

As a matter of fact, did you know there are 49 different personality types? Find out which one you are by checking this out.

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For a quick summary, here’s what you’ll learn during this episode of Social Triggers Insider:

  • How Marilyn Monroe captivated the world with what’s known as a wet voice… and then you’ll see how you can apply it to your business.
  • How to keep people on the edge of their seats… waiting for whatever it is you’re selling… and then happily buying it with little to no questions asked.
  • Why people do things they’re not supposed to do… and how you can take advantage of that to pull in more sales.
  • Plus… you’ll find that everything we talk about during this masterclass is backed up by DATA.
  • And much, much more

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What Should You Do Now?

You’ve learned about what I call “the customer coma,” and studied the 7 Fascination triggers from my discussion with Sally Hogshead. Now it’s time to put this knowledge to work…

Follow this simple 3-step formula:

Step 1: Pick A Fascination Trigger

Before you write your next piece of content, decide which fascination trigger you’d like to press. There’s 7 of them. (Power, Lust, Mystique, Alarm, Prestige, Vice, Trust).

Step 2: Avoid Putting Your Customers Into “The Customer Coma”

After you write your content, make sure you’re not putting your customers into a coma with “toning it down syndrome.” (I tell you all about that during the video).

Step 3: Celebrate

Watch the results pour in… and then let me know how it worked out for you by leaving a comment below.

And then…

Don’t forget to check out Sally Hogshead’s new website “How to Fascinate.”

Now let me know what you thought about this Social Triggers Insider masterclass by leaving a comment below.

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