49 minutes | Jul 31st 2012

How to Eliminate “Wallet Closing Words” From Your Emails, Sales Pages, and Speech

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There are words that REPEL your customers…

Words that stop them—dead in their tracks—from buying whatever it is you’re selling.

Words that are so prevalent that you’ll be SHOCKED to hear that they’re HORRIBLE when it comes to communicating with your prospects and customers.

But today, on Social Triggers Insider, you’ll see what those words are, and MORE.

So grab a pen and paper and listen to the latest episode of Social Triggers Insider.

The Psychology of Language (with Michael Fishman)

In the below discussion, Michael Fishman and I talk about:

  • How Your Words Shape The Perception Of Your Products and Services
  • How to Eliminate Wallet Closing Words from Your Writing
  • Why 100% Comprehension Is Vital For Businesses Communication
  • The 4Cs of Crafting Language That WOWS Your Customers

That said, press play!

Download audio file (09-Social-Triggers-The-Psychology-of-Language.mp3)

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After you’re done listening to this discussion, I want you to share “one” thing you learned… and how you plan to apply it to your business… in the comment section.

Why? Because I want you to commit to growing your business, and I believe your comment will keep you accountable.

Want to know what my key takeaway was? It’s this:

Writing tip: “Don’t think OF the market. Think AS the market.” – @michaelfishman – Click to Tweet

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Want to learn more about Michael Fishman?

For over 20 years, Michael Fishman has been the leading advisor on marketing, positioning and strategy setting in the health, wellness and personal development categories.

He has been instrumental in growing to category leadership such businesses as Rodale, Inc., with the Prevention and Men’s Health publishing brands, and has worked on products and/or collaborated with such admired personalities as Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Dean Ornish and many others.

Currently, among his equity roles are The Future of Health Now, an online health information community, and SpendLessTV.com, which for 3 years has been serving consumers with video and blog content to help them live abundant lives.

Michael leads the annual Consumer Health Summit, the preeminent invitational forum for CEOs, entrepreneurs and marketing leaders which he created in 1994. He is also a frequent and well-received speaker who shares how marketing language, customer care and work culture combine to take companies from merely good to the beloved best at what they do.

Now It’s Up to You…

What’s the ONE thing you learned from this discussion?

And how do you plan on using it to your advantage?

Leave a comment.

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