37 minutes | Oct 7th 2013

Crazy magician shares GREAT marketing and psychology tactics

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A few weeks ago, I was browsing a book store – yes, I still do that – and I stumbled on this book called “Fooling Houdini” by Alex Stone.

The title grabbed me by throat and said, “Take me home.”

So I did.

As I started reading the book, I realized something: I needed to cancel everything else for the day and finish the book. It was that good.

And it got better.

While reading, I noticed I was taking a ton of notes – lessons about business, life, marketing, and psychology. And that’s when I decided, I’m going to get Alex Stone on my podcast if it kills me.

(I got your back :-D)

Luckily, he wasn’t too hard to track down, and today I’m PUMPED to share our discussion with you.

Fooling Houdini: What magicians, jugglers, and psychics can teach you about marketing

What can the world of magic teach you about becoming a better salesman and marketer? This deep dive discussion with Alex Stone, New York Times best-selling author of Fooling Houdini (affiliate) will reveal the answer.

More specifically, you’ll learn:

  • Why “experts” aren’t always right. And when they’re wrong, they’re REAL wrong.
  • The secret to becoming a master performer (as it relates to magicians, salesmen, communicators, and more).
  • Why jugglers drop the ball at least once (and how this helps you WOO your customers).
  • The psychological principle behind a multi-billion dollar industry – and how you can take advantage of it.
  • And much more.

Download audio file (17-Social-Triggers-Crazy-Magician-Alex-Stone-Shares-Great-Marketing-and-Psychology-Tactics.mp3)

A short while into this podcast, we reveal a story about why experts aren’t always right. And when they’re wrong, they’re real wrong.

So, what I want you to do is this:

After you hear that story, tell me about a time when an expert was wrong in your life. It could have been a teacher, a family member, a boss, anything. What happened? Leave a comment.


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